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A little about my photography style…

My style is a mix of fun, modern, and journalistic photography. I'm all about capturing unobtrusive candids that capture your personalities and emotions, and the subtle moments that make your wedding day or portrait session unique and special. I strive to tell a story about you and your special day through beautiful pictures that you will treasure and enjoy time after time.

A little about me…

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA and have lived in several U.S. cities and overseas. My business is based both in Boston, MA and Hartford, CT. I live in Boston with my 3 furry kids... 2 cats and a big dog. I have to mention "big" dog so that it sort of balances out the crazy cat lady-ness ;)

Below are some fun random things about me…
…i'm 100% Chinese and was born with blonde hair
…i once spent 16 hours with actors Michael Douglas and Robert Downey Jr
…i can ride a motorcycle and used to ride a Kawasaki Ninja
…i wish my name is Mrs. Jon Bon Jovi!!
…i love when my hair listens to my curling iron and stays curly!
…i love keeping my house clean but hate cleaning it
…i have a heavy foot and could moonlight as a traffic court consultant for
    fighting speeding tickets